Hello and Welcome! 

My name is Ritisha Chance, but I create under the name 'A Beautiful Projection'.  As an intuitive guide,  it is my intention to ground beauty and light through my offerings.


I continue to add to my free resource library, which includes meditations, affirmations and prayer.  
You can find this work here.

On this blog, you'll mostly find spiritual writings, my jewelry work, and that which I find inspiring, spiritually or otherwise.   

A Bit More

On a personal note, I lead a very happy life in the Midwest (USA) with my two beautiful children and husband.   You can often find us playing, making art or dreaming of our next adventure.  

Thank you for stopping by.  May your path be filled with beauty, always.  


The meaning behind 'A Beautiful Projection' first comes from the notion that we are each a projection of divine energy, coupled with my heart's calling to create and live in beauty.