November 28, 2018

Photo: Handy Wicaksonoon 

When we hold on to heavier emotions, 
We only hold ourselves down. 

Forgiveness is transformational...
It doesn't encompass condoning, 
Rather it's allowing ourselves to be released from the shackles. 
It's allowing ourselves to be free of the energy 
That keeps us trapped in emotional turmoil.

We do not have to speak to someone in order for forgiveness to take place.
It's something we do for ourselves, even more than another.

When we can let go of the anger, hurt, shame, resentment, betrayal...
Or whatever emotion is calling for us to let go of, 
We will experience a lightness in our beings.

Forgiveness is indeed alchemical.
Shadow to light. 


Til Kingdom Come by Coldplay 

oh baby by LCD Soundsystem

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