August 24, 2018

Image by Mario Azzi, Unsplash

There is no right or wrong.
There is no this or that.
There is no polarity.
All is valid.

When we start taking on our multi-dimensionality,
We rise into our ability to hold seemingly opposing perspectives.

Different aspects of ourselves become unlocked,
and we come to know ourselves deeper. 
It's a never ending game of cosmic hide and seek. 
Always more to wonder, always more to discover. 

We are connected via our hearts, 
Allow this energetic flow of love. 
Let it fill your being. 
Send me yours, I'm waiting
In true openness. 
I'm emitting signals, are you receiving them?

There are aspects of us waiting to become grounded, 
Crystallized into 3D. 
In order to receive, one must first ask. 


Your Wave by Cospe

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