May 07, 2018

We are all creatively gifted, you just may not have stumbled upon your gifts/talents yet.  Let it be known that there is not one person walks this planet who doesn't have gifts and talents to share.  Our minds like to place "creative people" in neat little boxes and tell us that "we don't have a creative bone in our body", but our hearts know that each of us is a creator. We were born to create. 

You may have more subtle gifts, such as creatively bringing people together.  Or you may be creative with numbers and the way you work with them.   And, yes,  more of the obvious creatives are those who make tangible art for the rest of us to drool over. 

One of my favorite tips for enhancing our own creativity is bringing more play into our lives.  Being more playful is a master key to creativity!  Play is an energizing and open energy.  It's free of expectations and is focused on relishing in the experience at hand.  It's light-filled and not serious at all (i.e. ever heard the phrase lighten up?).  When you are playing, you place yourself in the energetic spectrum of joy.  Through resonance, the universe matches the joy you are radiating by bringing you more things/experiences (new ideas, people, opportunities, etc.) that will continue the joy you feel.  And as you continue to play with this new stuff, the magical cycle just continues...up, up and away we go. 

In this vlog, I go into more detail and give you practical ideas for bringing play into your experience.  
We only get one life in this particular embodiment and life truly is short, so let's all have more fun and be more playful.  Are you with me?! I hope so. 

Thank you so much for dropping by.  

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