May 19, 2018

Starting the day off right is key to having a good day. Why? Because it get's the energetic momentum headed in the right direction. In other words, you are aligning your energy toward success, productivity or whatever else you would like to get done,  by taking time to consciously do things that will place you in the right position for a beautiful day.   

Like me, I'm sure you've woken up on the wrong side of the bed. It may have been caused by weird dreams that lingered well after you woke, or you may be carrying stress or tension, which interferes with your sleep cycle.  Coming out of the state of weird dreams is easier shake off, but if stress is a contributing factor to crappy mornings, then its absolutely vital for you to take time to meditate before bed.  This helps get you out of the mind and back into the heart, resulting in better night's sleep.  We did not come here to only to remain in constant state of stress our entire lives.  

In the video below, you'll find I share 3 tips for starting your day more beautifully.  Hope this helps you in some way and thank you for stopping by!

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