April 30, 2018

We hear that self-love is the root from which everything in our life blooms, but how do we love ourselves?  What does that really mean?

Self-love means loving yourself, just as who you are, in this moment NOW.  It's not some future version of ourselves that we aspire to and proclaim that when we reach that state, only then we will be lovable.  To truly love yourself means that you love yourself for who you are now.  It's time to take off any lens you are wearing that highlights perceived flaws that you may view yourself thru.  No-one is perfect.  

For most of us, we come into this world bright-eyed and full of wonder.  We do not question our worth, nor do we perceive ourselves as less than any other.  We get trained into perspectives that we are not worthy of love and we start to believe that we are not lovable for who we are.  

Our external world is a reflection of our internal world.  So, to begin to experience love from the outside, we must turn our attention to ourselves and love ourselves for who we are now.  We must be the parents that we didn't have to ourselves.  I want you to imagine your 4 year-old-self (or whatever young version of you that steps forward) and I want you to tell this version how much you love her (or him).  She is worthy of love, always and forever. It does not matter what she does or or she is, that you will always love her and that she can count on you.  

Here are 6 powerful mantras you can use to begin to change beliefs/thought patterns from self-hate to self-love. Or wherever you may fall on the spectrum to fully loving yourself.  It's a journey, so please let's be gentle with ourselves.  
1.  I love myself, unconditionally and wholly.   
2.  I am worthy of love.
3.  I treat myself with loving kindness and compassion.
4. My external world is a reflection my internal world.  I let go of anything that no longer serves me and embrace myself fully. 
5.  I believe in me. 
6.  I love you, just as you are.  I love you for who you are. (Look in the mirror for this one.  Your mind will try to jump in and point out your "flaws", but gently tell your mind you've heard it, and that you are continuing anyhow.  If this is painful, keep practicing the other affirmations until you feel that you can look in the mirror. )

I've also created another set of mantras/affirmations to dance music.  If you have trouble quieting your mind when you are saying the mantras above, try putting on some headphones and moving to the beat of these.  

And, finally,  I go more in depth about it here

I love you.  

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