April 25, 2018

We are all intuitive.  Before we came into the physical, we chose how open or closed we wanted our system to be.  Life is a game of remembering who we truly are.  Most of us chose to play this game with amnesia when we came down.  Some of us chose to keep our systems more clear, so that we could see and connect to the other side without barriers (though this creates its own set of interesting issues), while most of us went all in in terms of forgetfulness,  wanting to see where life would take us as we donned our "veils".

Intuition is your connection to the higher realms, your higher self,  your guides and to Source energy.  It is the ability to perceive non-physical energy and it is unique for each of us.

Here are twelve powerful affirmations to strengthen your connection.  We are always connected, it's just a matter of making the connection more clear.   Affirmations are spells, they are programs.  You are literally re-programming your mind's operating system.  As you practice, your ego mind may try to jump in and tell you "this is silly" or "this isn't true", but feel into your heart, and you will know that it is. 

1.  I am relaxed, clear and centered.  

2. I am calm and breathing deeply.

3. I am open to making this connection more clear.  

4. I feel deeply.

5.  I can easily discern when I am receiving guidance vs when my ego is stepping in.  

6.  I am intuitive. 

7. My connection is growing more clear every day.

8. I am open to receiving guidance from my higher self and guides.

9. I trust the information I receive. 

10.  I look within for my answers. 

11. I am receiving guidance for my greatest good. 

12.  I am immersed in the frequencies of love. 

Below, you'll find another set of Intuition Development affirmations that I created with music.  Headphones highly recommended. 

And remember, it's not a matter of how to connect, because you always are. 

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