April 23, 2018

A beautiful depiction of the sacredness in the space of a connection.
Auguste Rodin's The Cathedral, 1908
Image: Creative Commons

The light has reminded me...
Do not let the flame
That burns gently in your heart, 
Fade into dying embers. 

This flame represents 
Your passion(s) and 
Your Love(s).

It has been observed in twins,
That there lies a connection in thought and emotion, 
Even when physically apart. 
Let this be evidence that our connection to one another exists on another plane, 
And is available by going within.
The higher one rises into joy, 
The more accessible it is for the connected.

The flame in my heart will never go out, 
For I give my Word, 
That I will tend to it daily. 
May it always keep me warm and 
May it always light the way.

Do you promise me the same? 
Tell me, are you impeccable with your word?

The winds of change have whispered,
Change is upon us. 
It's time to go.

I seek inner counsel as I,
 Step by step,
Continue into the unknown. 

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