February 23, 2018

Image: Creative Commons

We are moving from an age
Where the rational mind has been center stage
Into one where the heart has dominion.

Our intuitive heart is a star
In the mighty constellation of all hearts. 
It reaches out to all others,
In a flash.

It brings back riches...
Inspiration, insight, passion, an excited urge to create.

Your heart knows your deep value and worth, 
And it's time you do too.

We came here to embody our soul's love,
To shine our light onto the planet. 
The distorted energies cannot survive in the heat of our rays. 

It is a game and we've played both sides, 
light and dark. 
The dark has been playing very well, 
But the time has come, 
For the transition.

Tune into your heart, your soul.
Learn the language of it's guidance.
Trust that the information you receive,
Is in the highest good of all.
Invoke your courage 
To follow it. 

The time is now. 

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