January 26, 2018

Anatomical heart from a science book, 1884

When we are soaked in the frequencies of fear, 
Including depression, guilt, shame, and other emotional pain, 
We cannot access the wellspring of 
Unconditional love that abounds.
It will literally be invisible to you.

Only when one can begin to give love to one's self 
That one seeks in others,
Fully and deeply,
Can one's reality shift
 And reflect this love back to one.

The universe loves you unconditionally 
And always gives you what you what focus upon.
Become aware of where your focus goes. 

It is your beliefs and thoughts, 
Which give rise to your emotions.

True love is a self-fulfilling mechanism.
Choose to love yourself deeply...
The rest will fall into place. 

Those who have deeply hurt you, 
Are in the deepest caverns of pain themselves.
Although the stream of light is always flowing to them,
They feel lost in the darkest folds, 
Where their light cannot reach them. 

The courage to rise is within you.

Self-love is your North Star 
And it will always lead you 

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