April 21, 2017

Her Aura 
Photographed from the International Space Station
Image  NASA

Our Beloved Mother,

May we rise
to always 
see and feel 
your beauty
and to know
the magnificence
of you and your kingdoms.

May we  learn to be 
unconditionally loving,
like You.

May we protect and nurture you
in all of your ailments, 
 the way you protect and nurture 
all beings who call your spherical body

Continue to help us
come into alignment 
with our 
True Selves,
for when we journey 
into your
untouched lands, 
we are able to clearly see. 

Let's move towards 
free energy. 

Let's move towards 
lush gardens
which grow the colors of the rainbow,
so that all beings have.

Let's move towards 
the restoration of our waters. 

Let's move toward 
a collective feeling
of the
sacredness of wild lands. 

Let's move towards 
our own sense of joy.

Let's move towards
 treating all beings 
with LOVE.

Let's move towards 
knowing that 
everything is connected. 

I know if all life ceased to be
on your heavenly body, 
that you 
would go into mourning
and die 
from overwhelming sadness. 
Let us come to feel this, 
deep within our hearts. 

Always and forever,
Thank you for your love. 

May we always give to you, 
What you deserve.

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