March 09, 2017

   "We can all choose to become our potential, not just talk about it or dream about it.
          But daily, make a shift whereby we begin living and being our potential.
With each day, that potential can expand because we are open to learning something every day."

(It's crazy to think that twenty years has passed,
since this poster hung over my freshman dorm bed!)
"To me, the songs already exist, I'm an interpreter for them."
"Some of the most wonderful people are the ones who don't fit into boxes."
"I'm too wacky for most weirdos. Who am I to judge?"

"I was burned for a witch in another life, I'm sure."

"I think that we're not encouraged to really go out and explore ourselves. Well, it's OK, it's safe to try things. What is this 'making a fool of yourself'? So what?" 
- Tori, 1992

"Women put a lot of energy into who their man is, what their job is, what stuff they've got. But what if you strip that back and try to understand that those are just things? I don't see a lot of time being put into secrets and shadows and things that live inside our souls - those treasures." 
- Tori, 2001


It's time to open my studio space from its long winter slumber, so I was looking for some new music to listen to while I did so.   Being an avid fan of Tori Amos as a teen/young adult, I still check in with her from time to time to see what she's up to.  Much to my delight, she's done more covers!  

But before I get into that, I want to extend a warm thank you to Tori for having the courage to be who you truly are, questioning beliefs and indoctrination,  and living vulnerably and from the heart.  And thank you for your music.  I've learned so much from you. 

Back to the covers...close your eyes, put on some noise-cancelling headphones and enjoy a listen.  

Performing The Cure's "Pictures of You" mashed with lyrics from her song "Big Picture".  Listen here

And performing Cyndi Lauper's "Time after Time", mashed with another song. Listen here

Thank you to the photographers of these images.  This post is for educational purposes, but if I need to remove a photo, please contact me.   

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