March 27, 2017

Image: Creative Commons

Caress my cheeks 
Dance with my hair.

Do you see me, slow motion?  

Wrap me 
in your 

I am open 
to receive

Teach me, 
so that I may 


Happy Spring! 

While visiting my parents house over spring break with the kids, I found a huge pile of old mixed tapes and a Walkman to play them on (are you old enough?!).  I think back to the hours upon hours I  spent finding the right track, and which order I would arrange the songs in.  It occurred to me that I have loved listening to music since I was fairly young, receiving the only thing I wanted for my 9th birthday, a ballet pink boombox.  

If you choose wisely, music is a really great tool to lift your spirits and change your mood for the better.  

Here's a track that I re-discovered in the pile - it's a fun one to drive to.  I do wish the title were something like "Transformation of Fear", because that's what the song feels like to me.  Here's the YouTuber's description, which I quite like and have quoted below.  Enjoy!

"Such a beautiful version of the cut, well layered, minimalist, slow to build, and unassuming..."

Artist: Front 242
Track: Gripped by Fear (Club Mix #2)

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