November 30, 2016

The heart is a portal to the other side. It’s where love flows from. When you drop into the heart space, you are allowing information from the other side to flow to you.  The other side (you might have heard “the other side of the veil”) is where the dimensions outside of the 3D time/space reality exist.  And when I refer to information flowing to you, this information and guidance is flowing to you from your higher self (Source energy), spirit guides, angels and star being energies.  

When we live our life from our logical, ego minds, we miss key pieces of information flowing to us.  Our ego is designed to work in a linear, black and white thinking frame.  Whereas, the heart knows there is so much more at work in the greater scheme.  Sometimes, it may feel like you are moving in circles to get things done, bouncing from one thing to the next. But if you follow your inspiration, and trust that there is a greater masterpiece at work, then you begin to see the bigger picture take form. The key is having faith and trusting the process...something the egoic mind is very fearful of.  It likes things in orderly, and compartmentalized fashion and doesn’t want to leave much room to believe in the greater picture at play.  We should not make ego our enemy, it is strictly concerned with it’s/our survival and for this, and for this, we should love it like a small child, with compassion and understanding.

So you may be asking how to get into the heart space?  Just like anything you want to learn, it takes a little practice.  There are many modalities to help you achieve dropping into the heart space, including guided meditations, spending time with minerals associated with the heart (I love rose quartz), listening to music that makes you feel good, random acts of kindness, affirmations to help you live from the heart...I encourage you to try to make it a daily practice to focus on living from the heart.   A very simple and quick way to get into the space is to think of something that makes you smile.

It truly is the power of one. If each of us can learn to live from the heart space, we will eradicate war, racism, poverty, environmental issues and any other issue plaguing our planet. When we learn to live from a space of love, we allow inspiration, harmony, peace, etc to flow to us and through us. Love is the ultimate key. 

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