September 09, 2016

1. Greenery - Aside from the added benefit of naturally increasing indoor air quality, plants hold a high vibration by being in a constant state of allowing.  Share the same space with living greens, especially when you want to move from a state of resisting to allowing.

2. Higher Mind Incense Cones - The warm heart blend infused with rose quartz essence is my favorite, but you really can’t go wrong with any of their scents. Get it here
3. Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask - This smells even prettier than it looks. And my skin feels so happy afterwards. Vegan and organic too! Get it here. 

4. Stones - I love all beings of the mineral kingdom, but I am especially fond of Pyrite.  It comes in so many different forms too, including suns, clusters and cubes.  Stones also hold specific frequencies and healing properties, so they are also wonderful to share space with. 

5. The Night’s Sky for your Nails - This inky blue, silver speckled polish is perfect going into fall/winter.  Check it out here. 

6. Moon Leggings - For all you moon lovers out there! I wear mine more often than not. You can find them here. 

7. Lemon Water - Drinking warm water with lemon every morning is one of my favorite beauty rituals.  Cleansing, healing and energizing properties all contained in a glass of sunny water.  It’s the perfect way to welcome the new day.

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