September 02, 2016

Image: Creative Commons

Before anything can be manifest into physical reality, it must first be created in the imagination (the non-physical).  Meditations using visualization are a wonderful way to not only get your being into a higher vibration, but to allow your mind to focus, without interference from your thoughts.
This is a short and simple meditation to send more love into the world.  What love you send from your heart will ripple and reverberate throughout our collective consciousness. 
 The Love Bomb Meditation

1.   Get into a comfortable position and start to focus on your breath.  Breathe in and out, watching your thoughts pop off like fireworks, kindly drawing your attention back to the breath each time. 

2.   After you’ve reached a state of calm, peace and stillness, set your intention to create and set off a love bomb.

3.   Start to imagine breathing in sparkly, golden, liquid light (this light is a symbol for love). Imagine this light, first going directly into your heart. Continue to fill your heart and when you feel ready, keep breathing in the light to fill the rest of your being.   Imagine you are now a completely light-filled, as bright as a thousand suns.

4.   Bask in this light for a few minutes, breathing it in and breathing it out.

5.   Smile in your mind’s eye, knowing you are about to send strong vibrations of love into the world and make a large, but positive disruption to fear based minds. 

6.   When you are ready, drop the bomb.  Imagine and hear your heart exploding and see this light, it’s ripples and shock waves, sending love to our planet.   It may be invisible in the physical dimension, but in non-physical reality, you have just sent love to Lady Gaia, her kingdoms and where it is most needed …to humanity.

7.   When you are ready, slowly open your eyes and come back to the present moment. Continue with your day, knowing you have just added love to the collective.

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