September 30, 2016

Image: Creative Commons

The world we live is a learning hologram. Everything in your external reality is first created from your internal reality. Simply put, your thoughts, beliefs and emotions create your reality. And together, we are co-creating the world we live in.

If we could use an ultra high-powered microscope to look at everything around us, we would see that it’s all made of vibrating energy. The foundation for everything is energy. Ever heard the saying, “We are all one”? It’s because at this level of reality, we are. We are pure energy at our highest level. The frequency at which things vibrate,  determines what they are. Slow dense forms of vibrating energy are what make up our physical, 3d plane. High vibrating and lighter density objects and beings are beyond our physical senses. It’s only when you tune in to these higher dimensions of reality, by shifting your vibration, that you are able to experience these other dimensional realities. 

We create our reality might be a scary and disheartening truth for some. We are forced to move from victim mentality into becoming aware that we are the creators of our reality. There is no outside force doing things to us. Now, that's not to say that we should not focus with compassion for those that might not understand or have awakened to this truth, because that's exactly what we should do. It’s understandable that the shadows of our past that linger might not be a place we want to visit or to re-experience.

We must understand though, that we are vibrational beings first, and as vibrational beings, we can be likened to magnets. Each belief, thought, intention, "sticking" to you now resonates at a certain frequency. And the Law of Attraction, the highest law in our reality,  is bringing you everything that vibrates at that same frequency. This means that when you were a child, and you were told that “money doesn’t grown on trees”, then that’s a belief that has most likely created the thought pattern of “money doesn’t come easy” and via the Law of Attraction, your external reality will mirror this internal belief and you will be blocking money from flowing easily to you.

As previously stated, this is a learning hologram. We came here to experience the contrast, by experiencing what we don’t want to be able to identify what we do want, and to focus in the new direction of our desires. Our focus is the ultimate key.  If we experience what we don’t want, and then align ourselves via focus of our thoughts and actions (regardless of our current circumstance) to what we do want, then we setting ourselves up to be a vibrational match to a new reality.  First, the changes happen within, then manifest without.

In other dimensional realities, one can instantly manifest one's desire, however in this denser, physical reality, it takes a bit longer. The journey here is supposed to be as fun as the destination. Is it always fun? No! But deep within your heart, you might be sensing a remembrance of this truth. That's why you were eager to come down here! Think about it from non-physical perspective. There, the minute you think of something, you can have it.  But in physical reality, it's a tangible, textured, layered place full of beauty, where we can forget who we truly are (which is spirit having a human experience), only to remember and guide your life to your desires thereafter. It's a virtual game.

If you desire anything in your life, take the time to do the work, both light work (living from the heart space) and shadow work (understanding your fears). With the shadows, be open and willing to look at any internal obstacles that may lie in your path.  Shift these so that the Law of Attraction works in your favor,  flowing you in the direction of what it is you desire.  We are made of both light and shadow.

You deserve to be, do and have everything you want.  And know that when you reach the place of attaining whatever it is you desire, there will always be something new that you set your eyes on. It will always be a receding horizon line and frankly, that just makes it all the more exciting. 

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