November 05, 2014

Beautiful Anemones.   (Source link.)

Today is my birthday and in honor it, I’m taking some time to express gratitude.   Sometimes, I tend to get caught up in where I thought I might be, when I remember that this 3D human experience is about being where you are (however you are) in this present moment.  And of course, to follow your joy.  Indeed, always a practice.

I thought I’d share some of my thank you’s with you.  If you feel inspired to make your own list, please do, because it really does feel so good.

Thank you to:

My guides, both physical and non-physical.  You always remind me that life is about adventure, discovery, limitless possibility, choice and free will.

My family and close friends, who inspire me often and bring me love and joy beyond measure.

The messengers and teachers, past and present.

My lovely home, which is warm and filled with things that are meaningful and beautiful to me.

The Earth for her bountiful abundance, beautiful creatures and unconditional love.  The Sun for lighting our sky and providing us energy in order to live.  The Moon and the stars for brightly shining in the shadow.  The Universe/Nature for its rhythms, patterns, cycles, and the cosmic beauty of it all.

The creative flow and the inspiration realm, which I’m always in pursuit of allowing and being in.

The internet and all who create wonderful content.  In the past five years, I have learned to sew, block print, screenprint, crochet, knit, metalsmith/jewerly making (still learning!), peek into the studios of artists around the globe and to make connections I would most likely have not otherwise made.  Of course, deep appreciation for libraries and all the wonderful writers too.

Living in a place where opportunities are abundant and the choices can seem infinite…

The experiences, large and small - hot stone massages, a cinnamon topped chai, travel to new places, spending time in nature, playing with my healthy and happy children, date nights, running with my sweet dog, blowing bubbles, devouring chocolate, practicing yoga, dancing, making things, listening to music, smelling flowers, enjoying color,  watching sunsets/sunrises, witnessing  murmurmations, eating my favorite foods, wearing pretty clothes and jewelry, soaking up warm rays on a cool day, experiencing the seasons, understanding symbolism, receiving animal medicine, laughing…this list goes on and on…

To all creators, past and present.  Without you, I would not be where I am today.

And to myself.  For always wondering if there was more and never losing sight of the yearning and calling from deep within.   Ask and you shall receive and received, I have.

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